Kennel Sabaku Inus
My name is Pernilla Hallström, I got my first Rhodesian Ridgeback 1992. After that there was no other for me (that doesn´t mean that I haven´t had other dogs during this time - nerver to forget for example my rottweiler Sara...)
In 2003 I became a proud owner of Bonza, he was almost two years old when he moved home to me. I started to go to shows with him and we were very successful. Bonza is, today swedish champion with a certificat from norway.
In 2007 I finally had a chance to get a puppy from my mentor Ridgebow´s kennel, Hiki.
Hiki is the mother of my A, B  C and D-litter. She is a strong (at will and body) bitch with a lovely temperament. In shows she has done well, today we have 3 cc´s 1 CACIB and the title Swedish Champion.

2014 Hiki had her last litter, I recently had the first litter from Nessa I in that combination i keept Sabaku Inus Chitose af Nessa - our new hope!

2015 Has been a wonderful year! Sabaku Inus Bakari of Edelrood "Oni" has been shown in dog shows around our nordic countries and she has been most successful! 
Sabaku Inus Chikako of Sheriff "Kiiro" has also been successful, he is at the moment finish and swedish champion. (took his finish CAC in Helsinki in december 2015).

2016 -This year Oni, Kiiro and our lovely "Cookie" Bikarol´s Likable Bethra, also has been working in the forrest and achieved their tracking champion at - SE VCH. Oni, Kiiro and Cookie. Next year it will be their mother Hikis turn to work!

Next year we are also looking forward to having two litters at Sabaku Inus kennel, and Kiiro is hopefully going too bee daddy at least two times… 
About me
I have had dogs around me as long as I can remember. First my great grandmother, a black pinscher bitch and my grandfathers hunting dogs. Then at the age of 8, I had my first dog, a collie, named King.
1992 I had my first ridgeback, Roy.
The last 10 years I have been around dogs every minut and every day, working with them at my dogcare center in Stockholm.
I became an instructor 2003 in obediance and later also in Rally Obediance. Beside that I educate dogowner both in daily life with dogs and people who work with dogs like me.
I have also gone a two years education in animalcare and several work shops with known "dog" people.
At the time beeing I just finished breeding education through SKK (Stockholms Kennel Club).
F- litter & G-litter of year 2017
also planned first litter on our Cookie year 2017

To see more about the litters - look at "planerade valpkullar" - I will translate as soon as possible!

If you want to know more, please contact me (se "contact").
You can also visit Rhodesian ridgback clubs website:Specialklubben Rhodesian Ridgeback Sverige
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